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Eureka - TV Guide: Ask Matt Oct 3 '11

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Eureka Xmas 2011

TV GUIDE: sk Matt: The Good Wife's Move, Community, Sons of Anarchy and More!

Oct 3, 2011
by Matt Roush

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... Question: I've been an avid viewer of Eureka from day one, and I am truly upset that it has been so unceremoniously cancelled! And as it will take forever until the last season is coming around, I was happy to hear that we will at least get another Christmas episode this year. However, while I really enjoyed the final episode of the season as it was the funny, touching and poignant Eureka that I love, it ended on such a cliffhanger that I am somewhat stumped as to what will happen with the Christmas episode. Last year, the Christmas episode was completely stand-alone from the previous season's story arc. I can't imagine how they would accomplish something similar this year. There are too many dramatic happenings, loose ends and people somewhere else, rather than in Eureka, for a stand-alone episode to work. Do you have any word on what's planned, and whether this time around the Christmas episode will be a continuation of the ongoing storyline? — Anna from Cologne

Matt Roush: Cologne, how cool! But best to think of these holiday specials as fables, long-lost chapters in a show's history. Eureka's Christmastime episode is not merely a stand-alone, it's animated. Titled "Do You See What I See," it will tell of an anomaly (so what else is new) that renders everyone and everything in Eureka as a cartoon. Thus, we get The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons as the voice of Sheriff Carter's long-suffering Jeep, Edward James Olmos as a sled dog who befriends Deputy Andy, and so on. The episode will use a variety of animated styles — Looney Tunes, anime, claymation — and it sounds like a great deal of fun. And yes, I'm also sorry that next season will be its last. This has long been one of my favorites of the Syfy lite series.

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