Friday, September 23, 2011

Merlin - Syfy: Season Two Marathon Sep 27 '11

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Merlin 2


Cast includes John Hurt, Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, Angel Coulby and Katie McGrath.

Merlin season four comes to Syfy (US) in 2012!


11:00 AM Lancelot And Guinevere

Gwen is kidnapped by the villain Hengist, who mistakes her for Morgana. Uther refuses to pay the ransom, so Arthur sets out to rescue her himself. Gwen, meanwhile, is reunited with Lancelot (Santiago Cabrera), who's also being held captive by the outlaw

Guest stars include Justin Avoth, Michael Nardone, Michael Ballard, Santiago Cabrera and James Cosmo.

Watch a clip from Merlin, episode 204, "Lancelot and Guinevere".


12:00 PM Beauty And The Beast - Part 1

Uther is besotted by Lady Catrina (Sarah Parish), who claims to be the lone survivor of a destroyed city but, in reality, is a filthy troll up to no good.

Guest stars include Adam Godley, Sarah Parish, Rhys Rusbatch and Michael Cronin.

Watch a clip from Merlin, episode 205, "Beauty and the Beast: Part 1".


01:00 PM Beauty And The Beast - Part 2

The troll Catrina thrives as Camelot's queen and increases her influence over Uther. She also accuses Merlin of theft, which forces him into hiding lest he get beheaded.

Guest stars include Sarah Parish, Adam Godley, Rupert Young, Rhys Rusbatch, Brian Peck and Michael Cronin.

Watch a clip from Merlin, episode 206, "Beauty and the Beast: Part 2".


02:00 PM The Witchfinder

Uther arranges for a dreaded witchfinder (Charles Dance) to root out witches in Camelot.

Guest stars include Victoria Finney, Game of Thrones' Charles Dance, Kate Foster-Barnes, Amanda Fairbank-Hynes, Samara MacLaren, Rupert Young and David Sterne.

Watch a clip from Merlin, episode 207, "The Witchfinder".


03:00 PM The Sins Of The Father

Arthur is challenged to a duel by a mysterious warrior, an event that leads the prince and Merlin on a trek that unveils a secret that could lead to the end of Camelot.

Guest stars include Emilia Fox, Michael Cronin, Alice Patten, Rhys Rusbatch and Rupert Young.

Watch a clip from Merlin, episode 208, "Sins of the Father".


04:00 PM The Lady Of The Lake

Merlin rescues a beautiful druid girl from a bounty hunter and hides her in the tunnels beneath Camelot.

Guest stars include Richard Ridings and Laura Donnelly.

Watch a clip from Merlin, episode 209, "Lady of the Lake".

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