Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alphas - The Morton Report: Ryan Cartwright Interview

Source: The Morton Report [follow link for complete interview]

Alphas 2012

ALPHAS - THE MORTON REPORT: Growing Pains: Interview With Alphas' Ryan Cartwright

By Steve Eramo
September 29, 2011

From the time he gets up in the morning to when he goes to bed at night, Gary Bell likes things done a certain way, whether it is the precise amount of milk in his morning cereal or the time he takes to brush his teeth at night. Diagnosed with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, he can occasionally be moody -- at one point Gary even admits that he sometimes has a bad attitude -- as well as alternately shy and outspoken in front of strangers.

Gary is also a human antenna or Transducer, giving him the ability to read a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies including television, radio and cell phone signals. He and those like him are called Alphas - human beings with enhanced physical and/or mental powers. Gary and a small group of fellow Alphas have been working with Dr. Lee Rosen to learn how to better live with and master their unique skills. They had no idea, though, where their association with the noted neurologist, psychiatrist and Alpha expert would eventually take them. For actor Ryan Cartwright, who plays Gary on the hit Syfy series Alphas, the chance to take part in this brand new adventure was appealing right from the start...


... “I enjoy doing comedy and was trying to book a comedy during pilot season, but I just seemed to be bouncing from one audition to the next and they were all somewhat the same,” says Cartwright. “Then, however, Alphas came along, and while it’s hardly a comedy, it has quite a bit of clever and well-written humor in it. Most of the comedy pilots were three camera set-ups with pretty big, brash humor, whereas this show was much more subtle and I saw a lot more potential for the comedy to come from a real place..."

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