Friday, July 8, 2011

Warehouse 13 - SciFi Pulse Now: Exclusive Jack Kenny Audio Interview

Source: SFP Now

Warehouse 13 July 11

WAREHOUSE 13 - SCIFI PULSE NOW: Jack Kenny Audio Interview

For this episode Wayne and Ian celebrate the return of hit Syfy series Warehouse 13.

For the first half hour Wayne and Ian discuss why they like the series and why they think it had such broad appeal, and they also touch on some of our favorite moments from the series to date.

Featured in the second half hour is an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Jack Kenny, who has been the main executive producer on the series since the shows second episode. During this interview Jack talks about the series and teases us with a few details on what we can expect to see in the coming weeks.

So if you want to learn a little more about the new season of Warehouse 13 before the show premiers on Monday 11 July tune in and enjoy.


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