Friday, July 8, 2011

The Closer - Deseret News: Kyra Sedgwick Interview

Source: Deseret News [follow link for complete interview]


THE CLOSER - DESERET NEWS: Kyra Sedgwick opens a new season of 'The Closer'

By Frazier Moore, Associated Press
Friday, July 8, 2011

NEW YORK — Take heart, fans of "The Closer"!

A new season of 10 weekly episodes begins Monday at 9 p.m. EDT. Then the TNT network will air another five episodes this winter and six more next summer before the series comes to a close.

So there's plenty of "The Closer" ahead.

But for Kyra Sedgwick, who stars as LAPD Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, the end is in her sights and on her mind. In December, she and "The Closer" wrap production.

And then? "I'll be home," replies Sedgwick with a display of fingers drumming idly on a table top...


Jon Tenney, Kyra Sedgwick and "Kitty'

... Jon Tenney plays FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard, Brenda's devoted beau-turned-husband, who rightly feels as if their relationship takes a back seat to her cases.

But maybe that's about to change — at least, a little. As the seventh season starts, the LAPD is being reorganized, which could mean the end of Brenda's Major Crimes unit. Meanwhile, Brenda becomes the scapegoat as a lawsuit is filed against the police department. Tough times lie ahead.

"Maybe in the middle of this year," Sedgwick hints, "she will realize that the thing that has always brought her solace and fulfillment — her job — has become a toxic, unsafe place for her, and so she clings to her husband, cleaves to him in a way that she never has before.

"I think that's a good thing," Sedgwick beams approvingly. "By now, everyone is saying, 'Why are they together?' Including me!"

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