Friday, July 29, 2011

Haven - Haven Writer Answers Questions - Part Two

Source: havensam (Sam Ernst - Haven's creator) [Twitter]

Part one here

Haven season 2


Haven airs Fridays at 10/9C on Syfy.

Q: @IrrationaliTV How did you come up with the character name "Audrey Parker?"

A: it's my daughter's name. Other daughter? Lucy. :)

Q: @Janeen_FluffyJ: Please get footage for the S2 DVD !

A: no worries. Already happening.


Q: @coryBasil So stoked that it was picked up again. Just read that you're it's creator?

A: I am, with Jim Dunn.

Q: @nholdorph Will we learn more about Nathan's mom this season?

A: Great question. Jim and I walked about it at length, decided...

Q: @LiljasLibrary Question. Can you give ut the names of the episodes?

A: not sure, I will check.


Q: @Hawaiianpixie Q) would you ever do a #HAVEN episode with no commercial interruptions?

A: Up to the broadcaster. I personally would love it.

Q: @Philo1000 Q) Wow! Hey #HavenSam is it true #Haven only gets 13 eps this year?

A: yep, same as last year.

Q: @FangFan62 Q)Is Fraudrey sticking around for the entire season?

A: Hmm, can't say-but she's a very important piece of the puzzle.


Q: @alkinsjr Q)I missed that. Referencing which book?

A: Not sure which u mean? The sewer was "IT". Another IT reference coming in episode 2.

Q; @tinasweett22 Q)u thinking season 3?

A: No, I'm HOPING for season 3.

Q: @alkinsjr Q)You said the street names Nathan mentioned were a King reference

A: They are indeed - from several books.

Q: @FangFan62 Q)Did you pass on our request to see more of Duke sans clothing?

A: I certainly did. :)


Q: @Buffy426 Q)Q) whens it coming to the UK?........can't wait?

A: October, I believe. 80 countries to follow.

Q: @rocza But that was Beatrice from s1 (lighthouse woman), right?

A: great, GREAT eye. Well done.


Q: @mmeeeeeelllllll Curious as to when the 2 Audrey's stopped sharing memories, at what age, was it a time?

B: I'll never tell.

Q: @FangFan62 Is Evi sticking around all season?

A: cant say, but I can say she's important.


Q: @JeremyCFoote when is FLAGG going to bementioned?

A: can't say, BUT the reveals this season come fast and then faster.

Q: @FictionAddictnWatching wondering if you can tell me how old Vince & Dave are.

A: Look about 65-70 to me. Rude to ask tho :)

Q: @crocpop : When does Haven season 1 Dvd become available in England?

A: I think in sept


Q: @BalfoursYard am I gonna want to hug Nathan EVERY ep this season?

A: Nathan is noble, true, uptight,funny,handsome and hygenic.

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