Friday, July 29, 2011

Castle - My Fanbase: Exclusive Jon Huertas Interview

Source: My Fanbase [follow link for complete interview - interview also available in German]


CASTLE - MY FANBASE: Exclusive Interview with Jon Huertas

Jon Huertas plays the part of Detective Javier Esposito in the charming crime series "Castle". In this interview Jon talks about his work on the show and also what a special experience it was to work on "Generation Kill". He also tells us a little bit about the Puppies Behind Bars charity and his music...


... 4. What would you think of a "Castle" musical episode? Would you participate if there is something like that?

Jon Huertas: "Honestly I would not wanna do something like that. There are shows that are designed to incorporate a musical aspect into their shows. That’s not what Castle is, it’s not how we made and built our audience so I don’t think we should ever do a “musical episode,” but if for a case ‘Esposito’ had to go undercover in the seedy world of competitive karaoke ... then I would have to dive in with both feet!"

5. How would you describe your character Esposito? How much Jon is in Javier?

Jon Huertas: "There is a lot of Jon in ‘Esposito’…the creator of the show and writers are the most collaborative group I have ever had the pleasure of working with and so we talk all the time about back story and possible story lines which allows me to bring bits of myself into the character..."

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