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Alphas - Collider - Exclusive Azita Ghanizada Interview

Source: Collider [follow link for complete interview]


ALPHAS - COLLIDER: Azita Ghanizada Interview

by Christina Radish
July 8th, 2011

On the new original SyFy drama Alphas, actress Azita Ghanizada plays the timid Rachel Mizrahi. A sheltered girl in her early 20′s, Rachel has the special mental ability of being a synesthete, which allows her to enhance one sense while rendering her remaining senses temporarily useless and leaving her vulnerable to danger. This Alpha skill has brought her to the attention of Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn) who brings her to his clandestine group of ordinary individuals who investigate cases that point to others with Alpha abilities.

During an exclusive phone interview with Collider, Azita Ghanizada talked about how fascinating it is to play a character that is very different from who she is personally, what it’s been like to work with actor David Strathairn, what Zak Penn and Jack Bender bring to a project like this, and what it’s like to be an Afghani woman, making it in America...


... Q: Was she a challenging character to figure out because of her ability, or do you just focus more on the human aspects of her, when you’re playing her?

GHANIZADA: "It’s the human aspects, 100%. This is rooted in reality and the thing that makes it so cool is that she’s as human as any girl in her 20′s, becoming an adult and trying to find love and trying to figure out how to date and become who she’s going to become. The human aspect is the most interesting part. The hyper-reality of her abilities is super-easy and cool to play. I latched right onto understanding how when she uses one sense, the other senses go to sleep. I looked up things that have happened to real people who have microscopic sight or sound and watched how their bodies are. The sense stuff is really a physical experience for Rachel, so when I play her, what happens to my body is all very physical. That’s not hard to play at all. It’s easy to make it physical. The human aspect is really what’s the most fun and the most interesting for me to get to do..."

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