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Bones - TV Guide: Ask Matt [Roush] - May 23 '11

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BONES - TV GUIDE: Ask Matt: Finale Fever, Cougar Town, The Killing, Cancellation Fallout and More!

May 23, 2011
by Matt Roush

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... Question: I had the Bones finale twist spoiled by a Canadian FB friend, but I pretty much figured that was where it was going when I saw the previews. And I think it's another example of incredibly lazy storytelling on the part of the Bones writing team. The whole "Zack is suddenly involved with Gargamel" incident put me off watching for a long time and I'm kind of annoyed with myself with starting again. I'm often irritated by their tendency to do what I call "yadda yadda" in ending their episodes, wrapping up mysteries in ways that make no sense or show any care on the part of the people constructing them. I realize Bones is more about the characters than the mystery, but a little effort to tie up the mystery would be appreciated. To handle a crucial plot point like Bones and Booth sleeping together and having a baby this way is so disappointing. That's all they have for loyal viewers? Seeley and Tempe are too stupid to use birth control? Seeley, who has already suffered the consequences of accidentally getting someone pregnant, is dumb enough to do it again? With its charming cast and American Idol lead-in, Bones should be able to be as big a hit as NCIS, but I really feel the hit-or-miss writing is what has always held the show back. I'd like to tie the writers in chairs and have them watch a few years of NCIS, and maybe they could learn how to slowly unfold a story arc, have realistic character development and not basically flip off your fans. It infuriates me because I actually enjoy this show most of the time. I feel like a parent with a smart kid who keeps brining home C minus grades when I know they could ace the test. I know they can do better! — Cyn

Matt Roush: I have to say, the angry tone of this letter shocks me (but doesn't really surprise me, given the beating Bones gets for nearly everything the writers do with the characters). While the pregnancy twist at the end was abrupt, I felt it was handled rather sweetly, especially in light of all the Angela-Hodgins angst this season, and anything that would put Bones and Booth in a happy place is OK by me. I agree that the focus on character and relationships on Bones often short-changes the mystery of the week, but I don't see how this development "flips off" the fans — especially because most fans know Emily Deschanel is pregnant herself and would probably gripe all next season if they'd made her hide it. And while it's true Bones will never get the monster ratings NCIS enjoys, that's the difference between a procedural on Fox and on CBS — and considering how well Bones is doing on Thursdays, even considering the Idol lead-in (which doesn't benefit every show equally), they must be doing something right.

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