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Sanctuary - Red Eye Chicago: Filming 'Normandy' 'was amazing'

Source: Red Eye Chicago [follow link for complete interview]

Sanctuary Monday

SANCTUARY - RED EYE CHICAGO: Filming 'Normandy' 'was amazing'

By Curt Wagner
May 22, 2011

When I visited the Vancouver set of "Sanctuary" last year, I stopped in showrunner Damian Kindler's office to chat about Season 3 and found him deep into research about WW II.

"I'll start by saying please ignore the military maps of World War II that are sitting on my chair next to us, if you don't mind," he said.

He was finishing up the writing of "Normandy," the episode we've heard a lot about that premieres at 10/9C May 23 on Syfy. He wasn't eager to tell much about the episode at the time, but he did say, "We are going see [Helen Magnus] in 1944 Normandy..."


... Me: Driving a tank?
DK: Hunting Nazis.

That's cool.
DK: She won't wear army boots though. Not a chance. No.

Still high heels?
DK: Absolutely.

But will they be camouflaged high heels?
DK: Absolutely.

I'm not sure about the camo heels, but "Normandy" is a bit of a departure for "Sanctuary." Yes, we've see Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and The Five in the past before, but I can't recall an episode ever beginning and ending in the past, with no scenes set in the present...

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