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Eureka - SciFi and TV Talk: Colin Ferguson Answers Your Questions

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Eureka's Colin Ferguson Answers Your Questions

by Steve Eramo

For the past few years, Colin Ferguson has been policing the streets of a certain Northwestern small town as Sheriff Jack Carter on Eureka. The actor will soon be going back in front of the cameras to start work on a new season of the show, but during his current hiatus, Colin took time out this week to answer some questions from the readers of SciFiAndTvTalk. Without any further delay, here's what he had to say. Enjoy!...


... Do you like physical comedy? What have been some of the toughest physical demands when it comes to shooting scenes as Sheriff Carter on Eureka? (from Larry)

CF - I love physical comedy. I love, love, love it and could do it all day long.... or so I thought. It takes it's toll. My right elbow doesn't work right anymore, my feet are all but shattered, I have back problems that get aggravated, I have tendonitis in both elbows... so those are some of the problems with physical comedy on TV.

It's heartbreaking when you do a scene and you kill it and you're proud and it was hard and a complicated move and it really hurt.... and then you have to do take 2.... and take 3. It takes the wind out of your sails and it's hard to not swear and pace around a bit to calm down. It's tough when you care SO much and then have to remind yourself that it's a team sport and it's okay if you mess up some of your stuff... I guess it's like any job really...

Eureka season 4.5 returns with new episodes Summer 2011 on Syfy (US)

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