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Jeremiah - Syfy (US): Season One Marathon Feb 18 '11

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JEREMIAH - Season One Marathon Friday, February 18, 2011 on Syfy (US)

Season one cast includes Luke Perry, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Peter Stebbings, Ingrid Kavelaars and Byron Lawson.

08:00 AM . . . And The Ground, Sown With Salt

Jeremiah and Kurdy are taken captive by a power-hungry leader who threatens to murder other prisoners unless Jeremiah tells him what he knows about Thunder Mountain.

Guest stars include Jason Priestley, Kirsten Robek, Magda Apanowicz, Neil Grayston and Paul Lazenby.

09:00 AM To Sail Beyond The Stars

Jeremiah becomes involved with a woman who has been stockpiling gasoline in hopes of sailing her boat off to see “what's on the other side.” Also, mysterious black-hooded commandos, known as “burners,” are following Jeremiah and Kurdy.

Guest stars include Missy Crider, G. Michael Gray and Jason Gaffney.

10:00 AM The Bag

Jeremiah and Kurdy uncover a phony doctor who uses an experimental medical treatment on a dying boy in an effort to develop a Big Death vaccine.

Guest stars include Mike Dopud, Christian Campbell, Erin Karpluk, Jake Busey and Sanctuary's Ryan Robbins.

11:00 AM City Of Roses

An assault on a woman sends Jeremiah off to seek a mysterious vaccine, while Kurdy discovers some surprising secrets about his past.

Guest stars include Kandyse McClure, Suzy Joachim, Karen Malina White, Katelyn Wallace and Michael Adamthwaite.

12:00 PM Firewall

A captured adult survivor of the Big Death reveals secrets about Markus and the Valhalla Sector.

Guest stars include Suzy Joachim, John Ralston, Michael Rooker, Leah Graham and Alex Zahara.

01:00 PM The Red Kiss

After their vehicle is carjacked, Jeremiah and Kurdy wind up in an abandoned amusement park peopled with children who believe that Jeremiah has been sent to save them.

Guest stars include Aleks Paunovic, Vincent Gale, Tobias Mehler, Pablo Santos and Shawn Macdonald.

02:00 PM Journey's End In Lovers Meeting

Jeremiah and Kurdy join a group of pilgrims headed to the ocean, where a miracle is expected to occur. Trouble develops when Kurdy flies in the face of the sect's code of nonviolence.

Guest stars include Krista Rae, Alessandro Juliani and Haydn Wazelle.

03:00 PM Thieves' Honor

Jeremiah and Kurdy search Clairfield for Elizabeth, who's been kidnapped by Theo's thugs. Also, there's a search for the traitor who's been leaking info about Thunder Mountain.

Guest stars include Kimberly Hawthorne, Kandyse McClure, Ben Bass, Zak Santiago and Stargate Universe's Haig Sutherland.

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