Friday, February 25, 2011

Area 51 - Film Festival Radio: Jason Connery Audio Interview

Source: Film Festival Radio

FILM FESTIVAL RADIO: Jason Connery director for Sy Fy's new show AREA 51

Jason Connery, Sean Connery’s son, directs Area 51, which premieres Saturday, February 26, at 9PM (ET/PT)on Syfy Network. In the movie, the Air Force decides to allow a few reporters into the most secretive base on the planet, Area 51, but the visit turns into violent mayhem when one of the captive aliens leads an escape. Area 51 stars Bruce Boxleitner (Tron: Legacy, Babylon 5), John Shea (Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman, Mutant X) and Jason London (Dazed and Confused, MonsterWolf).


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