Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warehouse 13 - Starry Constellation Magazine: Eddie McClintock & Saul Rubinek Interview

Source: Starry Constellation Magazine [follow link for complete interview]


by: Lisa Steinberg


... Q) So can you both talk about the Christmas episode and also like what was your favorite part filming it?

Eddie McClintock: I think the Christmas episode is it’s right in line with what we’ve always tried to do with the Warehouse 13 episodes. They’re a lot of fun and there’s some tense moments but again at its heart it’s a nice family show about this family of people that have come together at this strange warehouse out in South Dakota and I think it just stays true to the series and it’s fun. And Paul Blackthorne who is our guest star does an amazing job and I guess my favorite part was when the nutcracker...

Saul Rubenik: I could’ve told you that that was his favorite part just because he gets to say the word nutcracker.

Eddie McClintock: And I get to say nuts.

Saul Rubenik
: Yeah. I could’ve told you that. I have three favorite things that happened to me. Yeah you’ve talked long enough. I have three favorite things. One is that I got to work with Judd Hirsch who I’d never met but had been such a fan of for so many years and we’d never even meet before, and that was a huge thrill, he’s a wonderful performer, great actor and was just a pleasure to have him on the show, and they had to age him up a little bit to make him old enough to be my dad, but that was a joy. And the second thing was that for the first time Jack Kenny, our head writer and show runner directed an episode and he was wonderful to work with and it was great to have him as the director of the show, and he wrote the script as well, so that was a pleasure, a real pleasure. And then I got to perform this little nocturne, or at least part of it, that I had been writing myself on the piano, which took the place of the nocturne that Artie has been working on for years that his father is so happy that he finished it. So I got to do that, so those were three great things for me...

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