Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sanctuary - Fanbolt: Robin Dunne Interview

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Interview: Robin Dunne From 'Sanctuary'


... What would you say is kind of the most exciting thing for you this year?

ROBIN DUNNE: A lot. "Sanctuary" has gone -- is continuing on the path of being very innovative. The writing is amazing, as always. I think the change from 13 episodes to 20 episodes is really amazing this year because there's these really beautiful story arcs that go in and out of the series. And you're going to see things that happen to the characters that sort of have impact throughout the entire series. Twenty episodes is kind of like -- it feels more of a puzzle this year, like a jigsaw puzzle. We're going to go to -- there's a new Abnormal this year, and it's not the type of Abnormal that you're expecting. It's more of a place. But it's really, really a cool thing. And it kind of brought me back to the first days of "Sanctuary," getting used to the green screen, because the way we're shooting this new place takes the sort of visual effects to a new level literally. So yeah, I mean, it's cool. There's some new characters this year. There's some returning faces. There's -- as you mentioned, Polly Walker is on the show this year, which is really exciting. There's some romance, some breakups, some hookups. It's not going to be "Melrose Place" or anything, but a little romance never hurt anybody. So yeah, it's exciting. Another thing that I just -- I'm constantly amazed by with "Sanctuary" is -- the visual effects get a lot of talk. We talk about the visual effects on the show a lot, and rightfully so. I mean, Anthem does an amazing job. But I'm always blown away by what the practical sets are on the show, the set dec people, what they do. You saw it last season with turning our tiny little parking lot at our studio into the slums of Mumbai. And this year, it's -- I mean, right now we're working on that new set, and it's amazing. What they do, what they can turn a small little parking lot into and different places, it's amazing. So, it's an exciting year for "Sanctuary." Yeah...

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