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The Big BanG Theory - TV Guide: Ask Matt: Aug 12 '13

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TV GUIDE: Ask Matt: The New Doctor, Fosters, Emmy Snubs, Dance, Glee

Aug 12, 2013
by Matt Roush

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... Question: The characters in The Big Bang Theory are the best on TV. The continued snub of Kaley Cuoco is hard to understand. She is fabulous and deserving of an Emmy nomination. What is the criterion for nominations? Why not separate cable from traditional TV? Has NCIS ever been nominated? It's very discouraging to see the same shows nominated year after year. — Efmelt

Matt Roush: I would love to see Big Bang rewarded this year — it's as funny as it has ever been, and that style of comedy has been too long neglected at the Emmys (not since Everybody Loves Raymond in 2005 has a multi-camera comedy won the big prize) — and couldn't agree more about the underrated Kaley Cuoco, who may be considered by some as the show's "straight man" but has proved as adept at delivering zingers as any of her co-stars. To address your question, there are no set criteria for nominations. It's purely subjective. As long as you're on TV within a given time frame — or in the case of Netflix, streaming on TV — you're eligible. But fair or not, nominations tend to go to shows that are more distinctive and envelope-pushing than formula franchise fare like NCIS, which the masses tend to watch and enjoy more than those in the industry. The irony in all of this is that the people who work in TV don't necessarily watch a lot of TV — and their tastes tend to run toward cable and/or shows with more of a niche sensibility. Even so, segregating network and cable series in not an idea that appeals to me, despite the inequity at the Emmys. Beyond the issue of adding even more categories to the clutter, look at the current comedy field, where network and cable shows are both fairly well represented. Wouldn't it diminish a win by Modern Family or Big Bang if they weren't allowed to compete against shows like Louie and Veep? That said, there's no excuse (except for the glut of first-rate drama) for The Good Wife to have dropped out of the best drama category for two years running...

The BiG Bang Theory season seven premieres on Thursday, September 26 at 8/7C on CBS.

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