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Stargate Universe - Starpulse: Elyse Levesque Interview

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STARPULSE: Getting Acquainted With Versatile Actress Elyse Levesque

July 28th, 2013
By: Brittany Frederick

From space to small, scenic towns, the present to the past, you can find Elyse Levesque pretty much anywhere. BFTV recently caught up with the talented Canadian actress, who can now be seen in the Hallmark Channel original series Cedar Cove, to find out more about her diverse resume - and her surprising extracurricular activity.

Although she's been working for years, she doesn't necessarily believe she's 'made it' as an actress. "I don't know if I've even had that moment yet," Elyse told us. "I still feel like I haven't quite reached that point yet in my career. I'd probably have to say that the moment where I felt like 'Okay, I'm on the right track' was when I booked Stargate Universe a couple years ago. That was kind of the first bigger production that I was a part of. I had done, when I was younger, some series regular [roles] on some smaller shows. [But] being a part of this great ensemble was a big moment where I was like 'Okay, I'm doing the right thing with my life.'"

Indeed, most readers will know her for the time she spent playing the main role of Chloe Armstrong on SGU, the second live-action spinoff from the popular series Stargate SG-1 (which was itself taken from the feature film Stargate). And Elyse still looks back on that part fondly two years after the show's cancellation. "In some ways, it was possibly one of the best jobs I could've been given," she explained. "It was such a well established franchise and it already had a built in audience. The production itself was like a well oiled machine at that point.

"So I kind of came into something that was this well functioning organism. It just made it very easy. It was a really positive work experience. It was a game-changer for me in a lot of ways. It opened a lot of doors. I feel like those two years of my life were when I started to grow up more and take on more responsibility. I feel like I grew as an actor and an artist over that period..."

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Cedar Cove airs Saturday at 8/7C on the Hallmark Channel.

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