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Fringe - Science Channel: Season 2 Minithon Schedule Jul 26 '13

Source: Science Channel schedulebot

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Fringe cast includes Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, Lance Reddick, Seth Gabel and Blair Brown.

4:00 PM Momentum Deferred

While the Fringe division is alerted to a crime spree that's connected to the shape-shifters, Walter (John Noble) cooks up a prescription to help Olivia (Anna Torv) recall the details of her meeting with William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), and another subject of Walter's past experiments emerges.

Guest stars include Continuum's Roger R. Cross, Kirk Acevedo, Sebastian Roché, Theresa Russell, Star Trek: The Original Series' Leonard Nimoy, Ryan Mcdonald, Aaron Craven and Anna Van Hooft.

5:00 PM Dream Logic

The Fringe division tries to decode dreams after going to Seattle to investigate a man's frightening visions that caused him to attack his boss; Broyles (Lance Reddick) has a meeting with Nina Sharp (Blair Brown).

Guest stars include Kevin Corrigan, Ravi Kapoor, Travis Schuldt, Emy Aneke, Stephen Dimopoulos, Steven Garr, Emily Holmes, Jovanna Huguet, Jarrett Knowles, Drew Nelson and Alex Zahara.

6:00 PM Earthling

When the Division probes bizarre cases of people turning into ash, the investigation also reveals clues about Broyles' (Lance Reddick) past. Directed by Emmy Award winner Jon Cassar ("24").

Guest stars include Ravil Isyanov, JR Bourne, Gerard Plunkett, Blaine Anderson, Michelle Harrison, Karen Holness, Linda Ko, Yaroslav Poverlo, Chris Shields, Veena Sood and Joe Towne.

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