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Continuum - Syfy: Season 2 Minithon Schedule Jun '30 '13

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NEW episodes of Continuum air Friday at 10/9C on Syfy.

Continuum cast includes Erik Knudsen, Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Stephen Lobo, Stargate Universe's Jennifer Spence; Stargate SG-1's Lexa Doig; Richard Harmon, Omari Newton, Brian Markinson and Roger R. Cross.

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03:00 PM Second Chances

Kiera (Rachel Nichols) reunites with Carlos (Victor Webster) to solve the murder of the mayor in the second-season opener, which also finds her trying to reconnect with Alec (Erik Knudsen), but he's a changed man since reading the message from his future self.

Guest stars include John Cassini, Tahmoh Penikett, William B. Davis, Nicholas Lea, John Reardon, Sean Michael Kyer, Janet Kidder, Jesse Reid, Karen Kruper, Michasha Armstrong and Ian Tracey.

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04:00 PM Split Second

Liber8's hijacking of a prison transfer makes for a bumpy reunion between Kiera and Carlos (Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster); at the same time, Kellog (Stephen Lobo) approaches Alec ((Erik Knudsen)) with a tempting partnership proposition.

Guest stars include Nicholas Lea, Keith Dallas, Jill Teed, Darren Shahlavi, Richard Harmon, Brian Markinson and Ian Butcher.

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05:00 PM Second Thoughts

Kiera (Rachel Nichols) looks into a new street drug that she recognizes from the future; at the same time, the warring Sonya and Travis (Lexa Doig, Roger R. Cross) use gangs as their weapons.

Guest stars include John Cassini, Caprica's Magda Apanowicz, Ian Tracey, Janet Kidder, Max Chadburn, Jesse Reid, Julia Tortolano, Angela Mercy Bower, Shaun Omaid, Rick Dobran and Michasha Armstrong.

06:00 PM Second Skin

Liber8 and Agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) interfere with Kiera's (Rachel Nichols) pursuit of someone she believes is another time traveler.

Guest stars include Caprica's Magda Apanowicz, Nicholas Lea, John Cassini, Stargate Universe's Patrick Gilmore, Carrie Fleming, Karin Konoval, Caitlin Cromwell, Sean Michael Kyer, Christian Vincent, Lane Edwards and Patrick Talbot.

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