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Being Human - Media Blvd: Xander Berkely Interview

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MEDIA BLVD: Xander Berkeley Talks About His Time on 'Being Human'

Monday, 08 April 2013
By Kenn Gold

With more than 200 entries in his IMDB profile, Xander Berkely is a well recognized actor. With entries ranging from Sid and Nancy, to Terminator 2, and with considerable voice over work for animation, Xander has had a long and checkered career. This year he took on the role of Liam, a genetic pure bred werewolf looking for his lost children, and ultimately seeking revenge on the main characters of SyFy’s hit series Being Human. Xander joined MediaBlvd for an exclusive talk about his career and how he took on the character of Liam. The season finale airs tonight, Monday, April 8 on SyFy...

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(Xander Berkely and Kristen Hager)

... MediaBlvd> For a show like Being Human, how do you prepare for something that you haven’t seen much or at all, and you’re coming in playing a werewolf?

Xander Berkely: It’s an interesting challenge because the guy isn’t a werewolf one day of the month and then a human the other 29 or 30 days a month like some of the other characters in the show. He’s somebody who is more wolf 99% of the time, like 29 days out of the month he’s wolf. But he still fits into the human world but not that much because he lives off in this isolated place and doesn’t have much contact with people. So the opportunity to bring a little bit more wolf nature and behavior into it was the challenge to me without being hokey about it or being too wolfy. Part of the whole thing of the show is that they say you could lift the supernatural out and all the story lines would remain intact. And that’s obvious. You get that about this show right off the bat, that it’s just regular people who happen to be these other things. But I thought that what made it a little more interesting for me is that this guy is a bit supernatural, he is an alpha, pure bred wolf that is seeking revenge. He gets to tap into some of these archetypal things while not having been alive for thousands of years like the vampires, he still has a kind of family aristocracy feeling. It’s almost kind of a weird culty evangelical vibe like a priest from another time, who believes what he believes with a little hell fire and brimstone thrown in there. So that was the mix I was sort of throwing into the test tubes or caldron when I was working on it so that it wouldn’t be just going in and getting a paycheck and checking out Montreal. It was an acting challenge and exercise for me because of that. I have to say that I haven’t seen any of it that I’ve been on, so I have no idea how it worked. I haven’t a clue if I was part of the ensemble or if I was oddly out of synch with the rest because I’m supposed to be..."

The Being Human season three finale, 'Ruh-Roh,' airs Monday, April 8, 2013 at 9/8C on Syfy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EPISODE TRAILER.

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