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The Outer Limits ('63) - Chiller TV: Marathon Schedule Mar 27 '13

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09:00 AM The Mutant

A strange silvery rain---and what it means---puzzles scientists in space.

Cast includes Larry Pennell, Warren Oates, Walter Burke, Robert Sampson, Herman Rudin, Richard Derr and Betsy Jones-Moreland.

10:00 AM The Guests

The Guests” are brought together for mysterious reasons---and trapped in a house where time stands still.

Cast includes Geoffrey Horne, Nellie Burt, Vaughn Taylor, Luana Anders and Gloria Grahame.

11:00 AM Fun And Games

Fun and Games” on Arena: pitting creatures from other worlds against one another, with millions of lives at stake.

Cast includes Nick Adams, Nancy Malone, Bill Hart and Ray Kellogg.

[NOTE: Similar (in theme) to Star Trek: The Original Series' "Arena," which itself was based on the short story by Fredric Brown.

12:00 PM The Special One

An agent from Xenon tries to recruit Earth children for a bizarre kind of tutoring.

Cast includes Macdonald Carey, Richard Ney, Flip Mark, Happy Days' Marion Ross, Get Smart's Edward Platt, Jason Wingreen and Bert Freed.

01:00 PM A Feasibility Study

People awake to find that they---and the blocks they live on---have been transported to another galaxy.

Cast includes Sam Wanamaker, Phyllis Love, Joyce Van Patten, David Opatoshu, Frank Puglia, Ben Wright and Glenn Cannon.

02:00 PM Production And Decay Of Strange Particles

A nuclear reactor goes out of control, releasing radiation in the form of near-human creatures.

Cast includes George Macready, Rudy Solari, Joseph Ruskin, Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, Signe Hasso, Allyson Ames and Barry Russo.

03:00 PM The Chameleon

"The Chameleon" is agent Louis Mace (Robert Duvall), a disguise expert assigned to infiltrate a party of creatures from another world.

Cast includes Robert Duvall, Howard Caine, Douglas Henderson, William O'Connell and Henry Brandon.

04:00 PM The Forms Of Things Unknown

Is Andre Pavan (Scott Marlowe) dead? Two women have poisoned him---but only one is confident it worked.

Cast includes Vera Miles, Cedric Hardwicke, Scott Marlowe, NCIS' David McCallum and Barbara Rush.

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