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Supernatural - TNT: Season 1 Schedule Mar 2013

Source: TNT schedulebot

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Noticed on the TNT schedulebot, that Supernatural begins airing from season one (again), beginning with the original pilot on March 22 at Midnight, and continuing with:

Supernaul season one cast includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013

09:00 AM Wendigo

Their father's trail leads Sam and Dean into the wilderness, where evidence of missing campers points to a Wendigo, a legendary creature made stronger by feeding on human flesh.

Guest stars include Callum Keith Rennie, Gina Holden, Battlestar Galactica's Donnelly Rhodes and Glee's Cory Monteith.

10:00 AM Dead in the Water

The brothers hunt for a lake-dwelling spirit that killed the father of a young boy, who sees visions connected to the creature and communicates by drawing pictures.

Guest stars include Amy Acker and Daniel Hugh Kelly.

11:00 AM Phantom Traveler

The brothers battle a “phantom traveler,” a spirit that possesses people preparing to fly and forces them to crash their plane.

Guest stars include Jaime Ray Newman and Continuum's Brian Markinson.

MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2013

09:00 AM Bloody Mary

The brothers hunt “Bloody Mary,” a spirit that appears when her name is chanted three times in front of a mirror, after the spirit kills the father of a girl who summoned her at a slumber party.

Guest stars include Adrianne Palicki and William S. Taylor.

10:00 AM Skin

The brothers hunt a shape-shifter, a creature that can transform into other people, after it takes the form of one of Sam's old college friends and frames him for murdering his girlfriend.

Guest stars include Falling Skies' Peter Shinkoda and Amy Grabow.

11:00 AM Hook Man

The brothers hunt the “Hook Man,” a spirit with a hook for a hand, after the creature kills a frat boy while he's in a car with his date.

Guest stars include Dan Butler and Chelah Horsdal.


09:00 AM Bugs

Sam and Dean investigate a town that's plagued by killer insects and discover that the area's new housing development is being built on sacred Native American land.

Guest stars include Andrew Airlie, Carrie Genzel, Jim Byrnes, Anne Marie DeLuise and Falling Skies' Ryan Robbins.

10:00 AM Home

The brothers head to their childhood home in Kansas after Sam has a premonition that the family now living there is in danger of being attacked by a paranormal entity.

Guest stars include Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith.

11:00 AM Asylum

The brothers investigate an abandoned sanitarium and learn that when it was operational, patients held a revolt against the head doctor, who inflicted cruel and unusual punishments. Tortured spirits drive the brothers insane, and Dean turns against Sam.

Guest stars include Brooke Nevin and Nicholas D'Agosto.


09:00 AM Scarecrow

A town harbors a dark secret involving a malevolent scarecrow, which Dean investigates. Meanwhile, Sam believes he may be able to find their father somewhere in California.

Guest stars include Nicki Aycox, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and William B. Davis.

10:00 AM Faith

A faith healer is dealing with forces beyond his control, and Sam and Dean must find a way to destroy a Reaper that is doing the healer's dirty work.

Guest stars include Defiance's Julie Benz, Alex Diakun, Aaron Craven, Colin Lawrence and Gillian Barber.

11:00 AM Route 666

In rural Mississippi, a mysterious black truck wreaks havoc on the highways, and Dean fears that one of his old girlfriends may be next to be caught in its headlights.

Guest stars include Megalyn Echikunwoke, Kathleen Noone and Alvin Sanders.


09:00 AM Nightmare

Mysterious deaths in the same family coincide with terrifying visions that grip Sam, who discovers that he and the person causing them share an unusual bond.

Guest stars include Brendan Fletcher and Beth Broderick.

10:00 AM The Benders

Sam is abducted and finds himself the quarry of a demented human-hunting family, while Dean searches for him with a female police officer whose brother may have been a similar victim years ago.

Guest stars include John Dennis Johnston, Jessica Steen and Ken Kirzinger.

11:00 AM Shadow

While investigating suspicious murders in Chicago, Sam runs into Meg Masters (Nicki Aycox) again, but it's anything but a coincidence as he and Dean soon discover.

Guest stars include Nicki Aycox, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lorena Gale.

FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2013

09:00 AM Hell House

The legend of a haunted house literally takes on a murderous life of its own via a Web site, and the Winchester brothers take aim to stop it.

Guest stars include Shane Meier, Sanctuary's Agam Darshi and Kyle Labine.

10:00 AM Something Wicked

Sam and Dean hunt a striga, a type of witch that thrives on the life force of children, leaving its young victims prematurely aged and weak. However, it is only vulnerable while feeding.

Guest stars include Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Venus Terzo.

11:00 AM Provenance

A gruesome double murder sends the boys after a mysterious painting with unusual powers and a blood-soaked past, and it may pose a threat to a girl (Taylor Cole) in whom Sam has taken an interest.

Guest stars include Taylor Cole, Jay Brazeau and Jodelle Ferland.


09:00 AM Dead Man's Blood

Sam and Dean team up with their father after his vampire-hunting mentor, Daniel Elkins (Terence Kelly), is murdered. The trio join forces to retrieve an unusual weapon from a group of demonic vampires.

Guest stars include Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Alphas' Warren Christie and Dominic Zamprogna.

10:00 AM Salvation

Sam and Dean reunite with their father, but any joy is short-lived when John departs to face the treacherous Meg while his sons fight a demon that threatens a family.

Guest stars include Nicki Aycox, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sebastian Spence and David Lovgren.

11:00 AM Devil's Trap

Dean and Sam track down Meg and find where the demons have been keeping their father, but a nasty surprise awaits them, and the Colt is quickly running out of bullets.

NOTE: This episode introduces the character of Bobby Singer, portrayed by Jim Beaver.

Guest stars include Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Justified's Jim Beaver and Fredric Lehne.

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