Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sanctuary - WE Vancouver: Character building with Amanda Tapping

Source: WE Vancouver [follow link for complete interview]

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By Sabrina Furminger
January 23, 2013

Amanda Tapping has tackled numerous roles over the course of her storied career, but it’s her long-running turns as Samantha ‘Sam’ Carter on Stargate SG-1 (and its spin-offs) and Dr. Helen Magnus on Sanctuary that cemented her status as the Queen of Sci-fi TV...


(Amanda Tapping photo courtesy of WE Vancouver.)

... But don’t expect Tapping to pick a favourite between the two characters that made her an icon.

I think Helen is more me now, and Sam was me then. I felt very connected to Sam Carter at that stage of my life, and as I came into my own as a woman, she came into her own, and I feel like we grew up together, and now that I sort of have a different perspective, I love Helen,” says Tapping. “I don’t know that I could go back and play Sam Carter. She’d be a very different Sam Carter. She’d have a bit more of an edge, I think, whereas I was ready to play Helen...”

Amanda Tapping is currently working on the Stargate SG-1 video game, Unleashed; has a recurring role as the Angel Naomi in Supernatural's eighth season; and has been directing episodes of Primeval: New World (premieres in Syfy on 2013, currently airing in Canada on Space Channel on Tuesdays at 10PM); and Canadian series Arctic Air (airs Wednesday at 9PM on CBS); and has co-starred in independent films Space Milkshake and Random Acts of Romance, release dates pending at this time.

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