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Torchwood - BBC America: Weekday Schedule Nov 26 '12

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Torchwood season one cast includes John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Gareth David-Lloyd, Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori.

Nov 26 9:00AM Combat

Savage aliens are being kidnapped from Cardiff and Torchwood wants to know why. Owen (Burn Gorman) is sent undercover to find out who is behind it and soon befriends the charismatic Mark Lynch (Alex Hassell). Beneath normal city life, Owen discovers a shocking subculture.

Guest stars include Alex Hassell, Alexandra Dunn and Matthew Raymond.

Nov 27 9:00AM Captain Jack Harkness

While investigating reports of ghostly music, Jack (John Barrowman) and Toshiko (Naoko Mori) find themselves stranded in a packed dance hall in 1941. As Gwen (Eve Myles), Owen (Burn Gorman) and Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) work to rescue their colleagues, Jack and Toshiko meet a young American leader by the named Captain Jack.

Guest stars include Matt Rippy, Murray Melvin, Elen Rhys and Nadine Beaton.

Nov 28 9:00AM End Of Days

Season 1 concludes as the space-time rift opens and fragments of the past and future splinter all over the world.

Guest cast includes Kai Owen, Murray Melvin, Tom Price and Caroline Chikezie.

Nov 29 9:00AM Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

The team have plenty of questions for Jack (John Barrowman) when he returns from a mysterious absence in the Season 2 opener, but first they must deal with a more pressing issue---the arrival of Jack's old partner, Capt. John Hart (James Marsters), whose agenda is unclear.

Guest stars include James Marsters, Menna Trussler, Paul Kasey and Crispin Layfield.

Nov 30 9:00AM Sleeper

When a couple are burglarized in their home the wife fights back, kills the burglars, and has no memory of the incident. The Torchwood team uncovers her powers and determines that she’s not human. She’s part of an alien force threatening society.

Guest cast includes Nikki Amuka-Bird, Dyfed Potter, Doug Rollins and Claire Cage.

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