Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Mentalist - Digital Spy: Owain Yeoman Interview

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DIGITAL SPY: 'The Mentalist' Owain Yeoman Q&A: 'We'll come within inches of Red John'

Wednesday, Oct 31 2012
By Morgan Jeffery

The fifth season of hit crime drama The Mentalist reaches UK screens this week, courtesy of Channel 5 - 'The Red Glass Bead' picks up right where season four left off, with the CBI and FBI at odds after serial killer Red John was able to evade justice once more.

Digital Spy caught up with Owain Yeoman - who plays the faithful Rigsby - to chat about his character's role in the new season, how dark Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) can afford to get and whether our heroes will ever catch up with the elusive Red John...


Owain Yeoman and William Forsythe from The Mentalist's 'Blood Feud.'

... Q: What was it like working with William Forsythe again?

Owain Yeoman: "He's quite an intimidating force in the best possible way. He brings such a level of preparation. He's currently working on another show called The Mob Doctor where he is the head of the mob, so if that's not intimidating enough... you know, 'My Dad is being played by the head of the mob!'

"But he's just so full of ideas. We had him for 24 hours to shoot probably 15 scenes and every single one of them was a huge emotional scene. You'll see from the episode, it's a real kind of growing up moment for Rigsby where I think he reflects upon the father that he had and the father he wanted to be.

"I love that, I love coming to the challenge. I guess William threw down the gauntlet and it really is a question of... you either bring your best game or you'll just get lost. He's so on all the time and we actually spent almost the entirety of the episode just doing our stuff together, which was lovely.

"He's a fantastic actor and I'm really excited for the episode to come out and also I'm excited for Rigsby, I think people will finally get the chance to see that there's more to him than just a quip here and a joke there, with a donut or a bagel in his mouth!"

The Mentalist airs Sunday at 10/9C on CBS, and in the UK, The Mentalist returns to Channel 5 this Friday (November 2) at 9pm.

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