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Fringe - SciFi and TV Talk: Todd Masters Interview (Special Effects)

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Fringe Friday

SCIFI AND TV TALK: Todd Masters - Master Of His Domain

by Steve Eramo

What do the feature films American Mary, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Star Trek: First Contact, The Haunting in Connecticut and Slither as well as such TV series as True Blood, Six Feet Under, Fringe and Stargate SG-1 all have in common? If you said Todd Masters, you are correct. Over the years, this multi-talented and always busy artist, designer and FX (effects) creator has lent his considerable skills to numerous projects on the big and small screens.

Currently celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, his company, MASTERSFX, has studios in Los Angeles, California and Vancouver, British Columbia, both of which Masters spends a great deal of time at overseeing the design and creation of all creatures great and small. From a young age, such imaginative expression fascinated him, and he was determined to become part of that creative outlet.

As far back as I can recall, I enjoyed entertaining in one form or another,” says Masters. “I’ve been told that as a child, I did some outlandish ‘effects,’ from a plate of noodles on my head to talking to the neighbors’ dog, that kind of stuff, and like the fat kid in [the 2011 feature film] Super 8, I took my dad’s camera and filmed the neighbors. I did my own stunts – and forced the other kids to do them, too – and shot, edited and created basic gags, including making squibs out of fireworks. I loved filmmaking and from the time I knew what the term meant, I’ve loved FX as well..."

... “Our Vancouver studio is in process of delivering a few aliens for season three of Falling Skies, while also working on some other television shows including Arrow and Rogue as well as another feature film. On top of that, we’re moving to a bigger shop – yikes! The Los Angeles shop recently wrapped The Munsters pilot and the fifth season of True Blood. Currently they’re working on Fringe as well as starting on season six of True Blood in addition to some other stuff that I can’t discuss at the moment...

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