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Alphas - SciFi and TV Talk: Malik Yoba Interview

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Alphas' Malik Yoba - A Force To Be Reckoned With

by Steve Eramo

If you happen to be one of the bad guys, you do not want to get on the wrong side of Bill Harken. This former FBI agent with a commanding presence – and impressive biceps - knows how to handle himself in a tight spot. It also helps that he is an Alpha, one of a group of human beings that possesses superhuman abilities. Bill is able to activate his endocrinal “fight or flight” response at will, giving him advanced speed, strength and endurance. The downside to this power is the physical toll that it takes on his body.

Fortunately, he has learned how to better handle such stress since coming to work with Dr. Lee Rosen. Together with a small group of Alphas, Bill tracks down and apprehends others like them who are misusing their powers. In season two of the hit Syfy series Alphas, Dr. Rosen and his team have been fighting Stanton Parrish, an immortal Alpha who has gathered together his own group of superhumans in order to achieve his own agenda. Bill’s special abilities along with his leadership skills have been needed more than once in such a battle, which has kept the actor who plays him, Malik Yoba, busier than ever.

This season, and probably unlike any other show I’ve worked on before, the episodes have all been running into each other in my mind, which feels a little weird,” jokes Yoba smiling, taking a break in-between scenes while on-location in Ancaster, Ontario with the rest of the Alphas cast and crew filming the season two episode Alphaville. “We had an overnight shoot to film an action sequence for the season opener [Wake Up Call] while we were working on the fourth or fifth episode. I had gone out of town, flew back to Toronto, started work at nine o’clock that night and finished at ten the next morning. When I got home I Tweeted that in my 20-plus year career I’ve never worked harder...

Alphas airs Monday at 8/7C on Syfy.


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