Thursday, May 3, 2012

The X-Files - Slice of SciFi: William B. Davis Audio Interview

Source: Slice of SciFi


SLICE OF SCIFI: #447: An Interview with William B. Davis, author of "Where There's Smoke"

May 2, 2012
By Michael Hickerson

Welcome to the mid-week installment of Slice. On today’s show, we talk to William B. Davis. Most of you probably know him best from his work on The X-Files as the Cigarette Smoking Man. Davis reflects on his time on the hit series and his career in theater, movies, radio and television in his new book Where There’s Smoke

Of course, we’ve also got the latest news from the multi-verse (Nigel’s getting a promotion) and the latest developments from Flight Test Land.

Plus, the dream of a real-life sonic screwdriver takes a step closer to reality.

We’ll be back Friday with some Listener Feedback! See you then!


Source: Slice of SciFi

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