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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - GateWorld: Sanctuary‘s long hiatus: Is it permanent?

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Tuesday - May 8, 2012
by Chad Colvin

As a general rule of thumb in the television industry, by the time you’ve aired the last episode produced of your series, you generally know the fate of said series. You either know you’ve been canceled and the series run is done, or you get a half or full-season order and actively begin work on a new batch of episodes. The decision on which way things go is generally known prior to the final episode airing or very shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, that is the farthest thing from the case for a series near and dear to the hearts of many Stargate fans and genre TV watchers in general. More than four months after airing its last episode, the fate of the Syfy series Sanctuary is still in limbo, with its creative team and industry analysts alike unsure whether the series will survive and get a new season — the series’ fifth.

While in British Columbia for the final Vancouver version of the Creation Entertainment Official Stargate Convention, GateWorld flew up a few days early and took an invite to visit Bridge Studios to sit down with executive producer Martin Wood and executive producer/series star Amanda Tapping for an exclusive chat on a variety of topics, including the series’ long hiatus and its potential fate. The answers we received — while not the best news we want to hear — are brutally honest, yet still hopeful...

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