Friday, April 27, 2012

Space Twister - Starry Constellation Magazine: Erica Cerra and Mitch Pileggi Interview

Source: Starry Constellation Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

Space Twister


Space Twister premieres Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 9/8C on Syfy.

... Q) What was the most adventurous moment you've experienced during filming Space Twister?

Mitch Pileggi: "Well at one point when - at the end of the thing where he's trying to fix the rocket so he can take off, and there was a lot of vapor, really, really, really cold vapor that they were shooting out of the back of the rocket to make it look like it was smoking.And it was really cold. I had to have my hands up right where the stuff is spraying out and my hands just started freezing badly. And it was kind of crazy. It was a little scary. Plus you've got all the pyro and stuff going on around it. That would have been it for me. And at one point I had to climb up a tower and the character falls off. I don't know how he survived that fall because it was an extremely high tower but. So that would have been it. Yes that's how you do it. Okay yes, I can fall 50 feet, I'm okay just - well my back hurts a little bit, but I'm okay."

Erica Cerra: "And you'll bounce when you hit the ground too. It's like you hit a mattress, you'll just bounce. Should be great. Just so you know Mitch, I'm going to let you answer all the questions first. Obviously I have been, just because - so we're not talking over each other because it's kind of hard to tell. I don't know if I can give away anything. There is a very heroic moment for my character, and that was probably it. It was - there was fire involved and it was very hot. And I was a little wary about jumping through the hoops of fire. So yes, we'll say that..."

Erica Cerra, star of Syfy’s hit series Eureka, plays the mother of a teenage genius in Space Twister, premiering Saturday, April 28 at 9PM. Other-worldly storms -- similar to the ones comprising the eye of Jupiter – begin destroying the planet, disintegrating everything they touch. A high school student’s science project becomes the mysterious key to ending the catastrophic storms and saving civilization. A production of Cinetel, Space Twister co-stars Mitch Pileggi (Sons of Anarchy).

Cast includes Eureka's Erica Cerra, Sons of Anarchy Mitch Pileggi, David Sutcliffe, Leah Cairns, Brett Dier, Luisa D'Oliveira, Cindy Busby and Jon Mack.

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