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Merlin - New York Post - Colin Morgan Interview, Part Two

Source: New York Post [follow link for complete interview]

Merlin Friday 2012


January 27, 2012
by Maxine Shen

Last week Colin Morgan, star of the BBC/Syfy series, “Merlin,” talked about his favorite Arthurian legends and why you shouldn’t use the fantasy series as Cliffs Notes. Now, here he is dishing about the upcoming season (beyond the obvious fact that dark times have arrived at Camelot) and how he’d like to see the series wrap up ... years from now, of course...


... The Post: Is Merlin’s friendship with Gwaine what it would be like with Arthur, if he wasn’t the prince?

Colin Morgan: "Gwaine’s [Eoin Macken] a little bit more of a loose cannon, a go-with-the-flow kind of a guy. The big, big block in the Arthur/Merlin friendship is the status issue, that Merlin is the servant and Arthur is royalty and in that time, princes did not socialize with their servants, that wasn’t the done thing. It just so happens that their relationship, their friendship is strong, they have been through the thick and the thin of it all. Arthur [Bradley James] definitely realizes that Merlin’s different, there’s something about him, he’s not like the other servants, but he very rarely admits that.

In this season, though, I think you see the fact that they’ve matured, they’ve gotten past a little bit of the awkwardness. There’s bigger things on both of their plates as well. Sometimes when your focus is elsewhere, your natural instinct, your natural abilities and emotions come out a little bit more. You'll see that they have a strong, mutual respect for one and other. But, I don’t see Arthur going down the path of Gwaine [style attitude] just yet...

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