Monday, January 30, 2012

Being Human - The Deadbolt: Dichen Lachman Interview

Source: The Deadbolt [follow link for complete interview]

Being Human Season 2 Monday

THE DEADBOLT: Being Human Vampire Secrets with Dichen Lachman

by Reg Seeton
January 23, 2012

Former Dollhouse actress Dichen Lachman join[ed] the Syfy cast of Being Human on Monday, January 23 in the vampire role of Suren, a mysterious character connected to the past of Sam Witwer’s Aidan.

When The Deadbolt caught up with Dichen Lachman earlier this week, Lachman gave us more insight into how Suren fits into the Being Human season as a reclusive, centuries-old vampire who causes upheaval when she returns to Boston’s vampire mix. More importantly, however, Dichen Lachman connected the dots between her character and Witwer’s Aidan, who’s now the leader of the Boston vampires...


Dichen Lackman and Sam Witwer

Well, it’s sort of one of those I guess love-hate relationships,” Lachman revealed to The Deadbolt. “I mean, they had a very long history together and she’s obviously been in the ground for 80 years."

Interestingly, now that Being Human is back for Season 2, it appears that Aidan may be tempted by Suren as the season progresses. “I mean, they’ve just had a very complicated past,” added the soft spoken, Australian born Lachman, “and I don’t think their relationship has ever been, you know, consummated. I think it’s just this very strong attraction they’ve had...

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