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Stargate SG-1 - GateWorld: 'Have Ben, Will Travel' - Ben Browder Interview

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Stargate SG-1 Syfy

GATEWORLD: 'Have Ben, Will Travel' - Ben Browder Interview

December 4, 2011
by Chad Colvin

When you’re in the right places at the right time as an actor, you’re occasionally lucky enough to capture lightning in a bottle twice when it comes to the genre roles you’re associated with. Actor Hugo Weaving is a prime example of that synergy theatrically with his roles in both the Matrix and Lord of the Rings trilogies. But as a genre television actor, the list becomes shorter. And one of the few actors to make an indelible mark on two distinct science fiction television franchises — Farscape and Stargate — is Ben Browder.

After almost three years, GateWorld finally got the chance to chat up the actor when he was a guest at this fall’s Chicago edition of the Creation Entertainment Official Stargate Convention. And despite a hectic convention schedule, Browder graciously took what few minutes of time he had to sit down and talk shop about what he’s been up to post-Continuum. In our interview with Ben Browder, the actor talks about his strongest SG-1 memories, lighthearted versus serious sci-fi, his willingness to revisit the Farscape world, his newest projects and more!


... GW: Um, let’s talk a little bit about – and we’ve got the fifteenth anniversary of SG-1 coming up, actually, next year already. Obviously, it was towards the tail end that you joined on. But looking back at both Season Nine and Season Ten, and the movies … is there certain things your focus goes to when you look back at that time period?

BB: "Wow… [long pause]

Well, I’ll remember a lot of it forever. You know, I’ll remember the first time I saw the gate. I’ll remember the last time I saw the gate. [Laughter]

I remember the end of Season Ten. The most, I guess, impressive thing about Stargate and about being on it and coming on so late was how warm and welcoming and talented the cast and crew of SG-1 were. It really … it was a remarkable place. And it was a remarkable team that was assembled to put that show together...

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