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Doctor Who - Guardian: Matt Smith Interview

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Doctor Who 3

GUARDIAN: Matt Smith interview: lord of misrule

He spends all his time in Wales, has no social life and he's just broken up with Daisy Lowe. But as Doctor Who returns, Matt Smith tells Euan Ferguson why he's the luckiest man on TV

by Euan Ferguson
3 December 2011

I don't think Matt Smith has an unenthusiastic bone in his body. True, he has a nastily damaged and very specific one, in his back, which cut short a proper professional football career, but even that one's still probably enthusiastic. He and his bones exude not a hint of a slump of possible ennui, ever, for any aspect of his own life or, winningly, anyone else's.

He really is like Tigger. I suspect had I met him a couple of weeks after this joyous Indian-summer morning, after his reported split with model Daisy Lowe, there might have been a certain underlying… subduedness. Breaking up is, I think they say, always hard to do. But I'm truly not sure; I don't know if those bones do subdued...


... Q: He's had two years, now, to inhabit one of TV's most famous characters. Does he feel he's changed him at all?

Matt Smith: "I don't wish to avoid the question, honestly, but it's a kind of hard thing isn't it, commenting on your own work? I think I'll probably have a more definitive – at least a more interesting – answer to that in the future. I don't want to be too conscious about that because I'm still in the middle of that, it's still evolving. From year to year."

Q: And century to century.

Matt Smith: "Absolutely. As the doctor ages he gets younger and sillier. He's over 1,000 now, I think. And – oh, I just like him. His lack of cynicism. He's like a baby. He wants to sniff, to taste, everything; he'll never dismiss anything. As we get older – perhaps I'm just speaking for myself – we can get too cynical. If he had a… bath, it would be filled with rubber ducks which could talk or something; he'd find a way to reinvent the common bath. And I admire that..."

The Doctor Who Christmas Special is on BBC1 on Christmas Day in the UK, and airs on BBC America at 9/8C in the US.

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