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Castle - The Hollywood Reporter: Stana Katic Interview

Source: The Hollywood Reporter [follow link for complete interview]


CASTLE - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Stana Katic Discusses Beckett's Post-Hostage Crisis Revelation and Tolerating the Precinct's New Boss (Q&A)

After more than three seasons of playing the NYPD detective on the ABC drama, Katic admits to THR that Beckett is "still a mystery."

by Philiana Ng

The tide is shifting. With novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and NYPD detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) experiencing heightened stakes thus far this season on ABC's Castle, the former in last week's explosive bank heist-turned-hostage situation and the latter suffering a near-fatal gunshot wound, the two unlikely partners find themselves in a bit of a predicament. (And of course, the ongoing murder investigation of Beckett's mother.)

After more than three seasons of tension-filled gazes, uncomfortable moments and surprising revelations, Castle and Beckett just may be venturing on the right path to romance -- for the moment, at least...


... THR: Do you think that the moment when the two do come together, that will be near the end of the series?

Katic: "No, and I stand on that side of the line because I know a lot of people feel that that ruins all the tension. I know people who get together, it takes a while for them to figure it out. There's something always interesting happening then. It's not the series ender. The point isn't to prolong tension, it should be to follow where the characters and the story leads. Let it be a natural progression.

Everybody's got secrets and that's the theme for the season. Beckett's big secret is that she did hear Castle say, "I love you," but she wants to make sure she's ready before she commits and Castle's big secret is that he's blocking Beckett from solving her mother's murder. Both of them are trying to protect each other but they are missing out on the opportunity to be in a relationship together, which they both want. It's funny, if they were fully honest with each other, they would probably be able to figure it out and make something amazing happen...

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