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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary: Tapping Tuesday Twitter July 13, 2011

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Sanctuary 4

AMANDA TAPPING - SANCTUARY: Tapping Tuesday Twitter July 13, 2011

#TappingTuesday (or Wednesday...) we go with Twitter questions

Q1 - @ElleDris - When you are shooting, is each episode random (not chronological order), then merge scenes to make it in order? Thx, Elle

A1 - We shoot scenes according to locations. Eg. all Magnus’ office on same day. Then the episode is edited together.


Q2 - @ephinyzon- In honor of Astronaut Sandra Magnus & the Atlantis crew, has our Dr. Magnus ever had a dealing with anything space related?

A2 - I actually don't think so. I think she's concentrated on Earth based endeavors.


STS-135 Mission Specialist Sandra Magnus

Q3 - @imac_van - Read the article about your driving the Tesla, and it made me wonder, what was your first car?

A3 - A very beat up 1971 Mercury Comet.

[NOTE: click here for the Tesla car article.]


Q4 - @borntorun1075 - What are you most looking forward to at #ComicCon next week?

A4 - Fan questions!!!! And seeing old friends.

Thanks again for all your questions! xox

Hi again! Here is the Q+A from the Sanctuary Facebook page too. More questions from you, more answers...!

Q1 - Taylor Craig - What do you like to do on set when you're not filming?

A1 a - I like to hang out with my fellow actors and laugh and sing songs and generally figure out how we can drive each other nuts...

A1 b - ...which by the way, is a very short drive.

Q2 - Darren Logsdon - I was wondering if we will see anymore of the super abnormals? And also is ryan robbins as funny ouside the camera?

A2 - Yes, I hope so! And Ryan is a big goofball. He's nuttier than squirrel poo.


Q3 - Andrea Beyer - Is there something specific you wish would be invented to make your everyday life easier? :)

A3 - Small portals through which we could get from point A to point B quickly.....hmmm... reminds me of something... :)


Q4- Jenn Scheffler - If Magnus were to have a bumper sticker on the back of her car what do you think it would say?!

A4 - Honk if you're fabulously abnormal!


Thanks again everyone! xox

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