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Twilight Zone (1985) - Chiller TV - Daily Rotation Schedule Week Jun 20 '11

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THE TWILIGHT ZONE (1985) - CHILLER TV: Daily Rotation Schedule Week June, 20, 2011

Mon. June 20 6:00 AM A Message From Charity - Part 1

A 17th-century girl (Kerry Noonan) is accused of witchcraft after speaking of wonders she saw through the eyes of a present-day boy.

Cast includes Kerry Noonan, Star Trek Voyager's Robert Duncan McNeill, Gerald Hiken, James Cromwell, Vanessa Brown, Michael Fox, Jennifer Parsons, Jack Wells, Phil Proctor and Barbara Lindsay.

Mon. June 20 6:30 AM A Message From Charity - Part 2

Peter (Robert Duncan McNeill) discovers something that may save Charity from being burned as a witch.

Mon. June 20 6:00 PM A Message From Charity - Part 1
Mon. June 20 6:30 PM A Message From Charity - Part 2

Tue. June 21 6:00 AM Ye Gods

A man (David Dukes) tangles with the gods after a vengeful Cupid strikes him with an arrow.

Cast includes David Dukes, Robert Morse, Carolyn Seymour, John Myhers, Andrew Masset and Patti Karr.

Tue. June 21 6:30 AM If She Dies

With his daughter in a coma, a man (Tony Lo Bianco) is induced by the specter of a little girl to buy a bed from an orphanage.

Cast includes Tony Lo Bianco, Nan Martin, Andrea Barber, Jenny Lewis, John Gowans and Donna Jean Lansing.

Tue. June 21 6:00 PM Ye Gods
Tue. June 21 6:30 PM If She Dies

Wed. June 22 6:00 AM Dead Woman's Shoes

A salesclerk (Helen Mirren) seems to be a different person when she wears a “Dead Woman's Shoes.”

Cast includes Helen Mirren, Jeffrey Tambor, Theresa Saldana, Robert Pastorelli and Star Trek Deep Space 9's Nana Visitor.

Wed. June 22 6:30 AM Opening Day

A woman and her lover (Elan Oberon, Martin Kove) plan to kill her husband on “Opening Day” of duck season.

Cast includes Martin Kove, Jeffrey Jones, Elan Oberon, Molly Morgan and Andrea Hall.


9:00 AM Monsters!

A boy befriends a new neighbor (Ralph Bellamy) who claims to be a vampire.

Cast includes Ralph Bellamy, Oliver Robins, Kathleen Lloyd, Bruce Solomon and Lewis Dauber.

9:30 AM The Little People/A Matter of Minutes

1. A drunk (Hamilton Camp) claims to have received gold from "The Little People."

Cast includes Hamilton Camp, Michael Alldredge, James Scally, Tim Donahue and Anthony Palmer.

2. "A Matter of Minutes." A couple (Adam Arkin, Karen Austin) find their home overrun with faceless workmen.

Cast includes Adam Arkin, Karen Austin and Adolph Caesar.

10:00 AM Quarantine

A weapon builder (Scott Wilson) from the 21st century is awakened from a 324-year cryogenic sleep.

Cast includes Scott Wilson, Tess Harper, Larry Riley, D.W. Brown and Jeanne Mori.

10:30 AM Tooth and Consequences; The Wish Bank

1."Tooth and Consequences." An insecure dentist (David Birney) is visited by the Tooth Fairy.

Cast includes David Birney, Kenneth Mars, Oliver Clark, Teresa Ganzel, Peggy Pope and Mina Kolb,

2. A woman tries to cash in three wishes at a "Wish Bank."

Cast includes Dee Wallace, Julie Carmen, Peter Land, Harvey Vernon and Julie Payne.

11:00 AM But Can She Type?; The Star

1. "But Can She Type?" A secretary (Pam Dawber) is transported to a universe where secretaries are revered.

Cast includes Pam Dawber, Charles Levin, Jeannie Elias, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Jonathan Frakes and Deborah Harmon.

2. "The Star." In the year 2432, a discovery tests the faith of aphysicist-priest.

Cast includes Fritz Weaver, Donald Moffat and Elizabeth Huddle.

11:30 AM To See the Invisible Man

For the crime of coldness, an uncaring man (Cotter Smith) is sentenced to one year of invisibility.

Cast includes Cotter Smith, Karlene Crockett, Mary-Robin Redd and Peter Hobbs.

12:00 PM Welcome to Winfield

A terminally ill boy (Jonathan Caliri) and his girlfriend elude the Grim Reaper in a town that's not on any map.

Cast includes Elisha Cook Jr., Alan Fudge, Henry Gibson, Jon Caliri and JoAnn Willette.

12:30 PM Cold Reading; Uncle Devil Show

1. "Cold Reading." The creator (Dick Shawn) of a radio show gets his wish for realistic sound effects.

Cast includes Dick Shawn, Janet Carroll, Joel Brooks and Larry Poindexter.

2. "The Uncle Devil Show!" features nasty fun and games for kiddies

Cast includes Murphy Dunne, Joel Polis, Wendy Phillips and Gregory Mier.

1:00 PM Button, Button

A poor couple receive a box that can give them money---but only if a stranger dies.

Cast includes Mare Winningham, Brad Davis and Basil Hoffman.

1:30 PM Profile in Silver

A historian (Lane Smith) from the future travels back to 1963 Dallas to prevent a famous ancestor's assassination.

Cast includes Lane Smith, Star Trek Deep Space 9's Andrew Robinson, Louis Giambalvo, Barbara Baxley and Jerry Hardin.

2:00 PM Dead Run

A trucker (Steve Railsback) lands a job driving the “Dead Run.”

Cast includes Steve Railsback, Barry Corbin and John De Lancie.

2:30 PM Red Snow

A KGB colonel (George Dzundza) is sent to a Siberian gulag to probe the deaths of two party members.

Cast includes George Dzundza, Vladimir Skomarovsky, Victoria Tennant and Andrew Divoff.

3:00 PM Grace Note

A would-be opera star (Julia Migenes-Johnson) is given a glimpse into her future by her dying sister.

Cast includes Julia Migenes-Johnson, Rhonda Gemignani and Sydney Penny.

3:30 PM Need to Know; The After Hours

1. "Need to Know." Insanity strikes a community like a contagious disease.

Cast includes CSI's William Petersen, Robin Gammell, Frances McDormand, Harold Ayer and Eldon Quick.

2. "The After Hours." A woman (Terry Farrell) who can only recall the last month is drawn to a mall as it closes for the day.

Cast includes Star Trek Deep Space 9's Terry Farrell, Ned Bellamy, Ann Wedgeworth, Chip Heller and Lori Michaels.

Wed. June 22 6:00 PM Dead Woman's Shoes
Wed. June 22 6:30 PM Opening Day

Thur. June 23 6:00 AM Paladin of the Lost Hour

A man saves the life of a mysterious man (Danny Kaye) who owns a unique timepiece.

Cast includes Danny Kaye, Glynn Turman, Corkey Ford and Mike Reynolds.

Thur. June 23 6:30 AM The Shadow Man

A teenager discovers that a supernatural being lives underneath his bed.

Cast includes Jonathan Ward, Jason Presson, Michael Rich, Heather Haase and Jeff Calhoun.

Thur. June 23 6:00 PM Paladin of the Lost Hour
Thur. June 23 6:30 PM The Shadow Man

Fri. June 24 6:00 AM Night of the Meek

A remake of Rod Serling's “Night of the Meek,” about a store Santa (Richard Mulligan) fired on Christmas Eve.

Cast includes Richard Mulligan, William Atherton, Teddy Wilson, Jeff Kober and Wilson Camp.

Fri. June 24 6:30 AM One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty

A bitter man (Peter Riegert) travels back to his childhood to find the root of his problems.

Cast includes Peter Riegert, Chris Hebert, Jack Kehoe, Barbara Tarbuck and Biff Yeager.

Fri. June 24 6:00 PM Night of the Meek
Fri. June 24 6:30 PM One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty

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