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Falling Skies - Collider: Moon Bloodgood Exclusive Interview

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Falling Skies

FALLING SKIES - COLLIDER: Moon Bloodgood Exclusive Interview

by Christina Radish
Posted:June 16th, 2011

On TNT’s new alien drama Falling Skies, actress Moon Bloodgood plays Anne Glass, a pediatrician who lost her only child in the initial attack. The heart of the ensemble, Anne has yet to fully face her own tragedy because she is too busy helping those around her. She has bonded with Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), as a result of their losses, and keeps up a sturdy exterior, helping the survivors cope both physically and emotionally with their situation, but she is quite obviously haunted by the death of her son.

At a recent press day for the series, Collider sat down with Moon Bloodgood for this exclusive interview, in which she talked about how lucky she was not to have to audition for this role, how relieved she was not to be the action girl this time around, how she’s a big fan of the alien genre and used to even fall asleep watching Aliens as bedtime viewing, and how she doesn’t take anything for granted in this business, out of not wanting to feel the disappointment...


Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes and Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass in Falling Skies

... Collider: What is the appeal of doing something like this? Are you a fan of the alien genre?

BLOODGOOD: "Yes. I would be lying if I said there isn’t a part of me that feels it’s a little over-saturated right now, and I was cautious and concerned that that could be something. I don’t think we’re doing anything revolutionary with this show, but I think the reason I liked it, and still do, is because I liked what they were doing with the characters. There’s only so much you can do. At the end of the day, it’s still zombies, and it’s still aliens. You’ve just got to make the story interesting. I love science fiction. That was my whole childhood. I would much rather watch a horror film or science fiction than a comedy. I don’t know why. I just like them. I find them relaxing. I can put them on and go to sleep. I used to put Aliens on and go to sleep. I stopped doing that because I don’t think it’s good for my brain. Whenever you’re dealing with fantasy, and you’re doing vampires or anything that is not too based in reality, and you try to base it in reality, you have so much of a greater chance of sounding hokey. You watch it and you think, “This has to be good. The CGI has to be good. The acting has to be good.” The CGI does have to be good. You can’t just do cheap CGI and think that’s going to work. It doesn’t. If you’re going to do something like Paranormal Activity, then it’s not about the CGI, but it’s shot in a way that’s creative. I get a little tired of vampires, but anytime The Lost Boys is on, that’s the real McCoy. It just doesn’t get old..."

Falling Skies premieres Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 9/8C. Cast includes Stargate SG-1's Colin Cunningham, Maxim Knight, Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Mpho Koaho, Sarah Carter, Connor Jessup, Bruce Gray, Dale Dye, Drew Roy, Seychelle Gabriel, Peter Shinkoda, Dylan Authors and James Collins.

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