Friday, April 15, 2011

Game of Thrones - Yahoo TV: Weekend Picks Apr 17 '11 - HBO 9/8C

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Game 2

YAHOO TV - Weekend Picks - What to Watch This Weekend

A list of can't-miss hot shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites airing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday

... Game of Thrones

Series Premiere: Sunday at 9pm on HBO

Joining "Merlin" and "Camelot" in an already-crowded TV fantasy landscape, this big-budget series brings George R.R. Martin's bestselling book series to vivid life. Sean Bean returns to "Lord of the Rings" territory here, starring as a noble lord who's asked by the king to help run his vast kingdom. But there are many threats to the throne: corrupt insiders, an exiled teen princess, and an inexplicable supernatural force lurking at the edge of the king's realm.

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