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Game of Thrones - Film.com: What 2 Watch Apr 17 '11 - HBO 9/8C

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Game 2

FILM.COM: What 2 Watch Sunday, April 17, 2011

What2Watch: HBO Aims To Reign With ‘Thrones’

by Charlie Toft
April 11, 2011

Have you noticed the fanboy in your life grinning weirdly for no apparent reason? It may have something to do with Sunday’s impending premiere of Game of Thrones (HBO, 9 p.m.), based on the fantasy novels of George R.R. Martin. There may have been a HBO series that arrived with more ahead-of-time hype, but none come immediately to mind. Early notices from critics have used up every positive adjective in the book, promising that even if one does not usually go for fantasy (I’m very much in that group), the storylines and overall look of this series will keep you hooked. I suppose we’ll see.

Game of Thrones isn’t based on Norse or Celtic mythology, but follows in the same general vein. It concerns the kingdoms of Westeros, and specifically one of the kingdom’s noble clans. As events proceed, we’ll see children misbehaving, schemes to regain power, civil wars erupting, and bodices being ripped. And because this is fantasy, various mythological beasts put in appearances also. Some of the semi-familiar names in the cast include Mark Addy, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, Sean Bean, and Lena Headey. Martin has written four very thick books in this series thus far, and a few more are still on the way – so this one could last for a while...

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