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Stargate Universe - SciFi and TV Talk: SGU Writers' Room - Carl Binder

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Stargate Universe Writers' Room - Carl Binder

Among the many contributions executive producer/writer Carl Binder has made to the Stargate franchise is his character-driven stories. Letters from Pegasus, Before I Sleep, Michael, Lifeline and Missing are just a few such scripts he penned for Stargate Atlantis. Binder has since put his talents for writing character pieces to good use on Stargate Universe. His first script for the show’s second season, entitled Pathogen, was also the first episode shot for year two and directed by Robert Carlyle, who plays Dr. Nicholas Rush.

“We looked at the first four or five scripts that we were starting with for season two and out of all of them we felt that Pathogen would be the best one for Bobby to direct,” says Binder. “It was then moved to the front of the production schedule so that he’d be able to prep for it as opposed to trying to do that while filming another episode, which would have been very difficult. So we decided to start off the season with Bobby’s episode and that was a lot of fun. It was quite a long prep as well because we started, then broke for the [2010] Olympics here in Vancouver, then came back to work and prepped for another week or so before filming began...


Photo of Carl Binder courtesy of Joseph Mallozzi's blog

... The writer’s third script for this season, Hope [Airs: March 28 10/9C on Syfy], is a medical drama that was shot in August 2010 after the summer production hiatus. “Rob Cooper had an idea about what would our characters do if they had a serious medical emergency on board Destiny,” says Binder. “This episode follows one in which there is a problem with the communication stones and they lose contact with Earth for a while. Now we have a situation in which one of Destiny’s crew needs a major operation, but without the stones there’s no way to connect to Earth and get a doctor to take over and perform the operation, so TJ [Alaina Huffman] has to do it. Meanwhile, there’s a second story unfolding at the same time involving a member of the Lucian Alliance and something that happened in an earlier story this season, Malice...”

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