Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stargate Atlantis - SciFi and TV Talk: Paul McGillion Interview

Source: SciFi and TV Talk [follow link for complete interview]


SCIFI AND TV TALK: Sci-Fi Blast From The Past - Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis)

by Steve Eramo

In today's Sci-Fi Blast From The Past, Paul McGillion chats on the Stargate Atlantis set about his first year playing Dr. Carson Beckett.

Paul McGillion smiles when talking about the first time he worked in front of a camera. “It was a music video for David Wilcox, a Canadian singer, and the song was called Layin’ Pipe. I was working with this model who was supposed to be my love interest in the video, and she had to chase me around a car. She was probably 6’4” and I’m 5’10”, and that’s on a good day, so that whole scenario was pretty funny. At one point, the director tried to match us up height-wise and asked me to stand on top of an apple box on the other side of the car. Happily, things have gotten better over the years, and I haven’t been asked to stand on top of a box ever since,” chuckles the actor...


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