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Doctor Who - Total SciFi Online: The 100 Greatest Things About Doctor Who: Part One

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TOTAL SCIFI ONLINE: The 100 Greatest Things About Doctor Who: Part One

Wednesday 16 March 2011
by Jonathan Wilkins

As excitement over April’s new series of Doctor Who reaches ever more feverish levels, Total Sci-Fi presents a five-part countdown celebrating the greatest aspects of the show.

Covering everything from companions to audio adventures, and from toys to the TARDIS, we’ll be taking you through our favourite aspects of Who over the coming weeks.

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... 84) “Do you Wanna Come With Me?” (Doctor Who trailer, TV, 2005)

The “Trip of a Lifetime” trailer that appeared as the first Eccleston series neared transmission. Possibly the most exciting trailer ever produced as the new Doctor stomped across the TARDIS set and outlined some of the sights this new era would hold.

Come back for Part Two next week, where we’ll count down from 80 to 61…

Doctor Who season six premieres in the US on BBC America on April 23, 2011

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