Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Primeval - Total SciFi Online: Andrew-Lee Potts Interview

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TOTAL SCIFI ONLINE: Andrew-Lee Potts: Hat Trick!

Andrew-Lee Potts is back as dino-geek Connor Temple in the fourth series of Primeval, which can currently be seen on ITV1. He also plays The Mad Hatter in Alice, the two-part reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, which premieres on Syfy UK this week. “My heart lies in things which are a bit out there,” he tells Matt McAllister...


... Matt McAllister: How do you think Connor’s changed in the new series?

Andrew-Lee Potts: "Hannah [Spearritt] and I really approached it differently this year – the show’s evolved every year, and we really need to evolve as characters too. I don’t want to lose the relationship between Abby and Connor that works, I don’t want to lose the jokey side of Connor, but it was important for us to show they’ve grown up – as our fans have grown up with us.

It’s like in that first episode – we’re a bona fide couple and have been a couple for a year-and-a-half, surviving Bear Grylls-style in the Cretaceous period, which is an incredible feat! We’re like this uber-unit now I suppose – we’re in love, so we’d do anything for each other. We’re pretty skilled too; she’s taught me kickboxing, I’ve taught her everything I know about dinosaurs. We’ve become this force to be reckoned with! So there are a lot of changes, a lot of maturity in the characters, but we wanted to keep the level of fun needed..."

Alice: Part 1 airs on SyFy UK on 27 January 2011. Part Two airs on 3 February 2011. Primeval is currently airing on Saturday nights on ITV1.

Primeval airs on BBC America on Saturday at 9/8C.

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