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Green Hornet (TV Series) - Syfy (US) Marathon Feb 9 '11

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GREEN HORNET - Marathon on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 on Syfy (US)

08:00 AM The Hunters And The Hunted

The Hornet investigates a band of hunters who are killing the city's top racketeers

Guest cast includes Charles Bateman, Robert Strauss, Bill Walker and Frank Gerstle.

08:30 AM Deadline For Death

Reid tries to clear Mike Axford, who has been jailed on a murder charge.

Guest cast includes James Best, Jacques Aubuchon and Lynda Day George.

09:00 AM The Secret Of The Sally Bell

The Hornet must recover narcotics from a freighter undergoing demolition.

Guest cast includes Warren J. Kemmerling, Beth Brickell, Ann Rexford, Jack Denbo and Timothy Scott.

09:30 AM May The Best Man Lose

The Green Hornet must outwit a paid assassin, whose next target is the DA.

Guest cast includes Linden Chiles, Harold Gould, William Phipps and Stuart Nisbet.

10:00 AM Freeway To Death

The Hornet aids Mike in a probe of a construction-company racket.

Guest cast includes Jeffrey Hunter, John Hubbard and David Fresco.

10:30 AM Seek, Stalk & Destroy

Three ex-soldiers plan to use a tank to bust a buddy out of prison.

Guest cast includes Ralph Meeker, Raymond St. Jacques, Paul Carr and E.J. André.

11:00 AM The Hornet And The Firefly

The Green Hornet and Kato try to stop an arsonist who is terrorizing the city.

Guest cast includes Gerald S. O'Loughlin and Russ Conway.

11:30 AM Corpse Of The Year - Part I

Reid tries to expose the culprit who's posing as the Green Hornet.

Guest cast includes Joanne Dru, Tom Simcox, Cesare Danova, Celia Kaye, J. Edward McKinley and Barbara Babcock.


12:00 PM Corpse Of The Year - Part II

The Hornet tries to nab his impostor, whose crimes include murder.

Guest cast includes Joanne Dru, Tom Simcox, Cesare Danova and Celia Kaye.

12:30 PM Ace In The Hole

Britt Reid dons his Hornet mask to cause a gangland double-cross.

Guest cast includes Richard Anderson, Richard X. Slattery, Percy Helton, Tony Epper and Bill Couch.

01:00 PM Bad Bet On A 459 - Silent

The Hornet, wounded by a bullet, must get medical attention without revealing his identity.

Guest cast includes Bert Freed, Brian Avery, Nicolas Coster and Barry Ford.

01:30 PM Trouble For Prince Charming

Prince Rafil is given a choice: abdicate or his fiancée faces murder.

Guest cast includes Edmund Hashim, Susan Flannery, Alberto Morin, James Lanphier.

02:00 PM Alias The Scarf

The Hornet searches for a strangler who uses a white scarf to kill his victims.

Guest cast includes John Carradine, Patricia Barry, Brenda Benet and Jack Garner.

02:30 PM Hornets Save Thyself

Reid tries to prove that he did not gun down an old enemy.

Guest cast includes Michael Strong, Frank Marth, Marvin Brody and Ken Strange.

03:00 PM Invasion From Outer Space - Part I

The Hornet tries to stop an electronics wizard from using an H-bomb to conquer the world.

Guest cast includes Lloyd Haynes, Larry D. Mann, Linda Gaye Scott, Arthur Batanides and Christopher Dark.

03:30 PM Invasion From Outer Space - Part II

Dr. Mabouse gains possession of an H-bomb

Guest cast Larry D. Mann, Linda Gaye Scott, Arthur Batanides, Christopher Dark and Brett King.


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