Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sanctuary - Toronto Sun: Robin Dunne Interview

Source: Toronto Sun [follow link for complete interview]

Canadian sci-fi series lightens up

by Bill Harris
December 16, 2010


Robin Dunne and Amanda Tapping

As Dr. Will Zimmerman in Sanctuary, Robin Dunne's hair is always perfect. One of the other characters even made a crack about it in the episode that aired last week.

So, Robin, what's with that mussed-up-but-not-too-mussed-up hairstyle? Do all brilliant scientists have that, or is it some special gel that this particular brilliant scientist invented?

"It's hours and hours in the (makeup) chair every morning," Dunne said. "I haven't slept in six months."

Of course, as far as the creators of Sanctuary are concerned, Will's hair could be a means to an end, too.

"I have an unconfirmed theory that they're doing Will's hair like that because they want to bring Christopher Walken in as Will's dad," said Dunne, who then launched into a pretty good Walken impression. "You can see that in Season 4, right?"

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