Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sanctuary | Stargate - Syfy SciFi Friday Dec 17 '10

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SANCTUARY | STARGATE - Syfy Friday December 17, 2010


10:00 PM Sanctuary Hollow Men - Mid-season finale

The team goes to Tibet in search of the hidden city, which is rigged with deadly security measures; back at the Sanctuary, Adam admonishes Tesla and Druitt for letting Magnus go to the city without him.

Polly Walker, Ian Tracey and Jonathon Young guest star.

11:00 PM Stargate SG-1 Inauguration [season seven]

Sen. Kinsey (Ronny Cox), SG-1's venial political nemesis, uses his promotion to the vice presidency to petition the Chief Executive for control of the Stargate program.

Guest stars include William Devane, Robert Picardo, James McDaniel, Ronny Cox and Jerry Wasserman.

12:00 AM Sanctuary Hollow Men

01:00 AM Stargate Atlantis Inquisition [season five]

Sheppard's team is seized and detained by an interplanetary council that wants to try them for crimes against the people of the Pegasus Galaxy, prompting Woolsey to intervene.

Guest stars include Kavan Smith, Alan Blumenfeld, David Lovgren, Tobias Slezak and Kaaren De Zilva.

02:00 AM Stargate SG-1 Babylon [season nine]

A wounded Mitchell disappears after SG-1's run-in with the Sodon, a mystic band of Jaffa warriors, and is later nursed back to health so he can engage in a fight to the death.

Guest stars include Jason George, Jarvis George, William B. Davis, Tony Todd, Lexa Doig, Darcy Laurie and Bryan Elliot.

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