Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stargate Universe - Brad Wright Interview

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Stargate Universe's Brad Wright - It's A Wonderful Life

by Steve Eramo

It seems like only yesterday, but it was, in fact, way back in 1997 that Brad Wright along with fellow Stargate SG-1 co-creator/executive producer/writer Jonathan Glassner sent the SG-1 team on its first mission through the Stargate. An expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy eventually followed, when Wright and Robert C. Cooper co-created and executive produced Stargate Atlantis.

In 2009, the two joined forces again to bring Stargate Universe to the small screen. Unlike the previous two Stargate incarnations, this series follows a group of military personnel, scientists and civilians who become the unwilling crew of the Ancients starship Destiny. While Colonel Everett Young fights to get everyone home safely, scientist Dr. Nicholas Rush would like nothing more than for them to continue on their outer space odyssey. At the end of the show’s first season, the Lucian Alliance elbowed its way onto Destiny, resulting in gunfire, bloodshed and general mayhem. Luckily for our heroes, Wright and the rest of the show’s writers had the situation under control going into season two.


... This past summer, Robert Cooper decided to step down from his active role as executive producer/writer/director on Universe in order to spend more time with his family as well as pursue other projects. How does Wright feel about no longer having his good friend and longtime creative partner around on a daily basis?

“Rob and I worked together for such a long time, but we’ve also worked separately,” he says. “I make my shows and he makes his, but what I will miss the most is his voice in the writers’ room, because I’ve always been very good at coming up with ideas, and Rob has always been very good at focusing them, like throwing out a thought, and we did it for each other. If either one of us hit a stumbling block at any point, we would just walk across the hall and say, ‘I have this issue, what do you think?’ and within a few minutes, one of us would say, ‘How about this?’ and the other person would say, ‘Thank you,’ and we’d move on...


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