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Mark Harmon - NCIS - TV Guide: Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off

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... NCIS (CBS)

Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c

Where We Left Off: As the Department of Defense's investigation into Gibbs reached a fever pitch, Tony, Ziva and McGee took responsibility for the team's questionable actions and turned in their badges. A flash-forward in the episode's final moments showed Gibbs aiming his sniper rifle at… FBI Agent Fornell!

What's Next: Following Cote de Pablo's decision to leave the show, Season 11's two-part opener will say goodbye to Ziva David. When Colin Hanks' character returns to threaten Gibbs, a team reunion is in order. "Ziva is out in the ether and Tony has to go off and find her," executive producer Gary Glasberg says. "He wants to bring her back, but he just can't make it happen. The second episode is really all about Tony and Ziva, and, I hope, delivers all the things the Tiva fans are going to want." Meanwhile, don't look for payoff to that flash-forward until the end of the second episode, though something tells us it's related to a new season-long adversary Glasberg says will be hinted at very early. Plus: Palmer's having a baby, and McGee has a new girlfriend! (Look out, Abby!)

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