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Major Crimes - TNT: Season 2 Marathon Schedule Aug 19 '13

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Major Crimes season two cast includes Mary McDonnell, G.W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz, Phillip P. Keene, Kearran Giovanni, Graham Patrick Martin and Nadine Velazquez.

11:00 AM Final Cut

Season 2 begins with the slaying of a high-profile filmmaker's pregnant wife. Meanwhile, the squad begins to run smoothly under Raydor's (Mary McDonnell) leadership; and a new deputy D.A. (Nadine Velazquez) questions Raydor's intentions as Rusty's (Graham Patrick Martin) guardian.

Guest stars include Jonathan Del Arco, Robert Gossett, Laura Gordon, Kate French, Spencer Garrett, Eric Tiede, John Ales, Gabriel Aslan, Jaeden Bettencourt, Ryan Caldwell and Chris Schauble.

12:00 PM False Pretenses

The squad investigates a puzzling murder-suicide case. Meanwhile, Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) receives a threatening letter, triggering Emma's (Nadine Velazquez) demand that he be relocated.

Guest stars include Jonathan Del Arco, Ransford Doherty, Robert Gossett, Christopher J. Hanke, Noah Weisberg, Brad Hunt, Ana Dela Cruz, P.J. Boudousqué, Shawn McDonald and Jonathan Retamoza-Davila.

01:00 PM Under the Influence

A nosy TV writer-producer rides with Sanchez and Tao (Raymond Cruz, Michael Paul Chan) to get the inside scoop on the LAPD, but the assignment takes a chaotic turn. Meanwhile, Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) receives unfair help for a school assignment.

Guest stars include Ben Feldman, Jonathan Del Arco, Kathe Mazur, Amir Arison, Luis Jose Lopez, Patrick Robert Smith, Elizabeth Peña and D.B. Sweeney.

02:00 PM I, Witness

A material witness flies to Los Angeles to testify, only to become the prime suspect in a new murder case. Elsewhere, overwhelming stress impacts Flynn (Tony Denison); and Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) arrives at the department with a girl from class.

Guest stars include Tommy Dewey, Marissa McGowan, Madison McLaughlin, Steve Tom, Gregory Linington, Bug Hall, Brian Stepanek, Kevin McCorkle and John Eric Bentley.

03:00 PM D.O.A

A brutal slaying is investigated in a case that involves dark secrets and a possible drug bust gone awry. Elsewhere, Raydor's (Mary McDonnell) estranged husband (Tom Berenger) arrives in Los Angeles to work as an attorney. Putting on the charm, he wins over Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin), but Raydor remains skeptical.

Guest stars include Jonathan Del Arco, Robert Gossett, Tom Berenger, Costas Mandylor, Patrick Breen, Alicia Lagano, Matthew Floyd Miller and Tom Billett.

04:00 PM Boys Will Be Boys

When a child with gender dysphoria goes missing, the Major Crimes division scrambles to solve the emotional case before it's too late. Torn between several suspects, the squad has to be careful as it tries to connect the evidence to a dangerous bully. Meanwhile, Jack Raydor (guest star Tom Berenger) attempts to make up for years of lousy parenting.

Guest stars include Jonathan Del Arco, Robert Gossett, Tom Berenger, Ransford Doherty, Craig Sheffer, Gail O'Grady, Madison McLaughlin, Tyler Ross, Shak Ghacha, Tanner Buchanan, Justin Irving, Arsha Darbinyan and Chase McGuire.

05:00 PM Rules of Engagement

In a case that brings gang violence and social profiling to the forefront, the squad realizes that things are not always as they seem. Complicating matters further, Sharon (Mary McDonnell) offers Jack (guest star Tom Berenger) the opportunity to be a court-appointed attorney in the case. Meanwhile, Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) expresses apprehension about meeting Kris' (guest star Madison McLaughlin) parents.

Guest stars include Robert Gossett, Tom Berenger, Drew Powell, Gabriel Chavarria, Bernardo de Paula, Brenda Koo, Xolo Mariduena, Orlando Chavez, Justin Alexio, Terrence Edmonds and Ashley Leilani.

06:00 PM The Deep End

A young Latino man is found dead at the home of an award-winning swimming coach in a case that is relentlessly covered by the media. Meanwhile, Flynn (Tony Denison) faces an emotional dilemma on the eve of his daughter's nuptials; and Kris' (Madison McLaughlin) mother (Lori Loughlin) discusses her concerns with Raydor (Mary McDonnell).

Guest stars include Robert Gossett, Lori Loughlin, Ransford Doherty, Drew Waters, Jonathan Nichols, Marlene Forte, Scott Hoxby, Chase Austin, Victoria Garcia-Kelleher, Nicole Foster Callahan, Doug Kolk, Lu Parker, Michelle Anne Johnson, Merilee Brasch, Graham Clarke, Frank Buckley, Ginger Chan, Phillip Garcia and Geovanni Gopradi.

07:00 PM There's No Place Like Home

An investigation into the suspicious death of an unlikable agent puts the squad in contact with denizens of an old apartment complex. Meanwhile, Provenza (G.W. Bailey) faces possible permanent desk duty.

Guest stars include Jonathan Del Arco, Paul Dooley, Firefly's Ron Glass, Marion Ross, Kathe Mazur, Madison McLaughlin, Steve Tom, Tim Conway and Doris Roberts.

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(Standing: Tim Conway and Paul Dooley; Ron Glass, Marion Ross and Doris Roberts)

08:00 PM Backfire

When a teen prostitute is murdered, the squad suspects that her unrepentant killer is part of a larger criminal organization. Before long, the squad comes into conflict with the judge who's assigned to the case.

Guest stars include Callard Harris, Jonathan Del Arco, Robert Gossett, McKinley Freeman and Madison McLaughlin.

09:00 PM Poster Boy - Season Two Finale!

A spree killer terrorizes the area, putting everyone on high alert. Meanwhile, Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) is given extra freedom.

Guest stars include Chris Wood, Christopher Dean, Jonathan Del Arco, Robert Gossett and Leslie Grossman.

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